V: Frisch vs Kushner
Updated: 2011-01-03 16:43:58
Dateline: January 2, 2011, Frisch Campus, Paramus, NJ

Despite a slow pre-season start, played on the road where, at every game, at least 2 important members of the rotation were unavailable, resulting in a 0-3 exhibition start, the 2010-2011 edition of the Frisch Varsity Cougars have climbed their way to the top tier of the Yeshiva League and national rankings with 10 consecutive regular season wins. On the Sunday after 2011 New Years day, the Cougars continued their undefeated play in the Yeshiva League West Division, and ran their League record to 10-0, and including the last exhibition game, 11 consecutive wins, with a convincing 75-42 win over the Kushner Cobras.

The victory gave the Cougars a 10-0 West Division record and the 3rd consecutive season of double digit wins under the current coaching staff. Last season the Cougars went 12-2, losing only to Yeshiva League Champions, Ramaz in the regular season, and the year before, finished 11-3, and earned a first round playoff win over the MTA Lions. The Varsity Cougars have one more game next week before the winter break against MAYHS in South River, and with a win there, the Cougars have a chance to enter the break with an 11-0 Yeshiva League record, and a chance to earn a guaranteed first round playoff home game (at least) if they can continue their stellar play.

Back to the Kushner game. The first quarter was a battle as Kushner took a 3-0 lead, only to be met by a trey from Sr. Capt, SG Marc-Alain Weitzen, followed by two Stadmauer foul tries to give Kushner a 5-3 lead. That lead was answered again by another Weitzen trey for a 6-5 Frisch lead.

From there it was back and forth, as Kushner held the lead at 12-10 with 2:34 to play in the first quarter. But that was the last lead Kushner would have in the game, as a third Weitzen first quarter threebomb and 6 points from Jr. C David Borghard helped Frisch overcome the Cobras and build a 17-11 first quarter lead.

In the second quarter, Stadmauer helped Kushner get the score as close as 19-15, Frisch. But Jr. PG Jordan Hod answered with two fouls shots and a bucket, Borghard added two more foul tries, and on the next sequence, Hod got the ball to Potash for a fastbreak layup to make the lead 27-17, Frisch. With Jr. SG Mike Bouaziz attacking the basket, Potash defending like a demon and Hod playing the point to perfection, Frisch ended the quarter with a 38-22 half-time bulge.

The third quarter opened with an instant trey from Sr. Capt PF Joel Hyman , and building on 13 points from Hod, ended in a commanding 63-32 Frisch lead at the end of the third period. Soph SG/PF Judah Cohen contributed 5 points and the Frisch squad tallied 25 points in the quarter.

In the final period, Frisch played its entire bench for the last 6 minutes of the game. Jr. PG Zach Mayerhoff deftly ran the point and scored a basket, Jr. SG Rafi Mitnick added a basket of his own, and Asher Fishman, returning from vacation, added two baskets to help Frisch finish the game with a 72-42 victory.

Hod led Frisch with 20 pts, including 5-5 from the FT. Weitzen continued to pile up the points with 11 (3 treys), Borghard added 8 pts (8 rebs), Cohen had 7 pts (7 rebs), and Anhalt, the last minute hero of the Hillel game, had 6 pts. Frisch shot 11-13 from the foul line. Stadmauer led Kushner with 14 in a valiant effort. PG Goldman had 9.

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